5 thoughts on “You make me happy when skies are grey

  1. Mahdie

    Hello I am Iranian
    please write English that I can read !
    you have nice web :)

  2. saman

    hello. what a nice kids.I love them.
    I usually see your nice pics.
    i have a question. where do you live? What is the name of your city?

  3. hadis

    hi hemma
    im one of yours blog readers.
    im from iran my name is ”HADIS”.
    i love your pics and posts but i cant understand what is u write in blog.
    i only see ur pics and give me plus energy.
    best regards

  4. hi !nice to meet you! i;m a mother like you but i live in iran !
    your blog is so nice!i enjoyed and your children are so lovely ! my honey is Anahid.i will so happy if you come my girl;s blog !
    see you

  5. zahra

    your son has been a beautiful and happy baby.
    I miss him.
    I wish to visit and kiss him more and more.


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