Tokiga trion

Idag har Charlies kompisar Blossom och Alfons varit här med sina mammor. Vi har lekt och ätit och fikat och haft det mysigt. Det är så roligt att se dem leka med varandra. De små pluttarna som låg och sprattlade på rygg när vi träffades första gången i föräldragruppen har förvandlats till en tokig trio. Oj, vad de har levt rövare idag.

3 thoughts on “Tokiga trion

  1. Vilka underbara bilder!!

  2. Alexis Boyce

    Hello Fru Silver!
    My name is Alexis Boyce and I live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I was recently clicking through blogs about moms and their babies and stumbled upon yours. I translated it and was charmed instantly! Your layouts and photos are awesome! Plus, I think it’s great that you are so crazy in love with your darling little boy and life in general. It seems we have a lot in common also! I am a mother to a gorgeous little sweetheart named Erica Mae, who is 27 months. She is the funniest, loveliest baby! My husband’s name is Eric-he and I have been married for 7 wonderful years. We live in a cozy little cottage that we bought in 2009 and I really enjoy decorating. I am also a high school English teacher but since Erica’s birth, I stay home and keep our life happy:) I teach a few days a month when my friends need time off. When school starts, I still buy brand new school supplies for myself!:) I love dogs, gardening, reading, watching movies, family, taking photos, buying baby things or anything vintage, swimming and writing letters. I like that even though we are on the opposite sides of the world, we have so much in common as mothers, wives, friends and daughters. Keep up the great posts and thank you for giving me a glimpse into Swedish life!
    Best wishes and luck,

  3. Nämen, vilka underbara sötisar! Det är superkul att följa dig på Instagram by the way! Älskar hur du har en underbar stil på allt du publicerar både här och på instagram. :)

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